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BedcoVet Pharmacy is a "veterinary only" compounding pharmacy that specializes to meet specific medication needs for your pets or livestock.  Located in Shelbyville, Tennessee, the birth of this business came June 1, 2005.  Now with nine (9) years experience, we have consistantly grown to be a major player in the veterinary community in Tennessee.  We are a strong advocate of the veterinarian, patient/client and pharmacist relationship.

Carlyle Johnson, the owner/pharmacist of BedcoVet Pharmacy, has many years experience having graduated in 1973 from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy.  During that time, he has had twenty (20) years of service in hospital pharmacy, fifteen (15) of which he was a director of an E.E.N.T. unit.  He became a charter member of a group called P.I.O.P. (pharmacists in ophthalmic pharmacy) and co-editor of a book called "extemporaneous Ophthalmic Preparations" published by Applied Therapeutics. Also, he has owned and operated a compounding pharmacy for humans in Collierville, Tennessee.  When that independent pharmacy sold, he remained as a consultant and part-time employee until deciding to move to Shelbyville, Tennessee to open a veterinary only pharmacy...thus BedcoVet Pharmacy.

Here at BedcoVet Pharmacy, quality and service is what we specialize in.  The many different specialty compounded products we offer are just the tools. Service is really what we promote.  If it is not commercially available, we can provide whatever is medically needed for your pets, livestock, or exotic animal.

Our Motto: "step in our door the first will be back the second time"                   


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